Guess the mother

We choose some mothers from anime and took some pictures of them in some scenes they appear. The challenge is guessing what's the mother and the scene by one some few hints!

If you guess the scene the mother is in take a picture of it and post it here to check if you got it right. Wins the game who can guess right more scenes and mothers!

Good luck to all the players!

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Guess the mother

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Info and hints:

As the game don't asks for a password or something like this the answers are stored in the browser, then don't clean the cache, or cookies, or change the browser or the device. If someone do that the resolved scenes will be shown as not resolved.

All anime in this game can be found and watched legally on Crunchyroll and some are also on HIDIVE: it's a good idea to check this places.

But the most important thing here is thinking hard! Example: first check in what anime there are mothers, as an example you will not find any on Gugure! Kokkuri-san.

Small differences in the picture, like the service's logo, don't changes the result, but if the picture was cropped then it can causa problems. The best way to avoid those problems is taking pictures with the player on full screen. Don't try to manually crop pictures as it can fail..

Tools and technology used:

Guess the mother

Choose a scene:


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Guess the mother


If you know what's the scene take a picture of it and submit it here:

You already guessed this scene.

This scene is locked: until it's unlocked it will not add points in the ranking. But guessing it can unlock new hints.

Important: the subtitles can mess the verification, so when taking the picture disable the subtitles. In Crunchyroll just press the mouse right button and select the option that turn those off. In HIDIVE use the button in the bottom right part of the player.

You don't need to save the picture in a file, just open the anime in full screen, press print screen and paste here using Ctrl+V.