Hint: If there is too much information click on some item in legend to remove it. To reset remove all items.

Hint: If there is too much information click on some item to remove it. To reset remove all items.

Kitsu (previouslly known as Hummingbird), as it self-describes, allows users sharing anime and manga experiences, get recommendations and see what friends are watching or reading. Those features are great, but for me one of the great features from Kitsu is allowing users show the world what waifus and husbandos they love! It also allow getting this values for users using a (really good) API. We already have many best girl and waifu ranks, but how about making a rank using the data that users show in their Kitsu profiles?

Disclaimer: those are not official stats. I wanted some Kitsu official stats, but as today developers are focused in the next version of the website they don't have any time for that, thats why I made this website.

A sort of "questions and answers": (that no one asked but maybe they are helpful)

This website stopped being updated in 2016 and was only updated in 2022 mostly in order to remove references to an old parked domain.

Charts have too many data but you can hide some by clicking on the chart legend. Removing everything will restore the initial state.

Some links in waifu and husbando names are broken, I think that's because the URL of the anime it's linking changed and the API returned the old one from when the user set up his waifu or husbando.

Life spent charts are missing users because it only shows counts over 4 to avoid situations like people that are watching anime 24/7 since the Roman Empire fall (anime don't even existed in this epoch... time travel?)

Some characters have the same number of lovers but different rankings, as husbandos aren't that popular data many of those ended tied in the rankings. To solve this problem we use the sum of time spent watching anime for the users as a tie breaker.

There is a "Other" thing in the "Love preference" graph, because there is a bug in Kitsu code that make possible to a user have something which something which isn't a waifu or a husbando.

Waifu and husbando names follow Japanese order, that's because I found that if someone search for that order return more results on searches (example: "Hatsune Miku" returns the double of results than searching for "Miku Hatsune"). I know that Kitsu and many other websites like the Western order, but I think that it's better to keep the Japanese order based on the previous argument, also because people that anime with Japanese audio (subtitled, or because they understand Japanese, or any other reason) are used to hear names in that order. Only names detected using Hepburn are changed and "Tohsaka Rin" (which is a non-Hepburn romanization of 遠坂 凛 / "Tōsaka Rin"; I don't know why Kitsu and other websites use this romanization, but maybe it's related with the anime), so names with non-japanese words like "Asuka Langley" are kept as is.

Some avatars are different from the ones on Kitsu, that's because when some problem happen on avatar fetching or when Kitsu avatar don't have a good quality avatar then we use cropped MyAnimeList images as a fallback

Charts are a bit ugly, because Google still don't implemented material charts for pie charts and logarithmic scaling, so the classic and old charts had to be used.

Avatars are a bit ugly because even compressed, optimized and using this JPEG quality they still account for almost 22% of the page size. Also they're small because Kitsu avatars are small, so the only thing I can do to fix this is finding avatars in other website (like MyAnimeList, but it will not be good for Kitsu).

For other "questions" check the GitHub repository.